First things first. I am SO GLAD you're here. 
I'm just thrilled that you're taking a hot minute out of your day to venture over and see what this blog is. 

I'm Melly and I'm generally caffeinated to some degree. My husband and I have four kids. We used to homeschool them all,  it they are all in school this year. So this is a season of change and adjustment. And that is ok.  

Our days are full. We have drop-offs and pickups, appointments, activities and church. And that’s if we don’t go offscript. It roughly equates to very little time off. But that's all part of it. Children are a blessing — and blessings don't come without a little work. On the blog, you'll be able to get to know my family by their blog nicknames: Mr. Incredible is my husband. My oldest two daughters are Pirate (13 in a few weeks) and Tootsie Roll (7), our boy is Gambit (4), and our littlest girl is Grey (just over 2-1/2). 

You guys, there are no great pictures of our entire family. So bare with me here. This is from Christmas Day at Waffle House. 

Being a wife, a mom, and the one at home most with our kids, I am an avid coffee drinker. I won't lie. Coffee is my go-to coping mechanism for life, but it also sparks a ton of joy. Joy… and the illusion of energy. 

Hence, Caffeinated Melly