Is it already the 21st of March, where did this month go? 

The sun is out, the temperature is up, and sky has been blue! I've had the windows open and have been letting Pirate get in her Little Mermaid swim suit and play in her little kiddie pool everyday. Oh, how she loves being outside. I'll have to get my camera charged so I can take a good picture of her. It wears us out and we get such a good naptime out of it, and we soak up the much needed Vitamin D. 

Mr. Incredible has been making use of our front porch and has set up quite the little garden, I've contributed by filling up the watering can. :) He got me a Topsy Turvy to grow strawberries in, some Carnations, and a Snapdragon for Pirate. I can't wait to see how they turn out. Especially the strawberries! We're big strawberry fans in this house. 

In an awesome and bizarre chain of events, we have started spring cleaning this week - and our fearless leader has been the one to initiate the cleaning frenzy! The apartment is looking noticeably better! How nice.

Hope everyone else is having a beautiful day, too! 

Mr. Incredible made the most awesome soup last night. Even the baby liked it! Here it is:

Vegetable Beef and Rice
8 cups of water
1 can green beans
1 lb cooked ground beef
2 bay leaves
10 chicken boullion cubes (ours are small, adjust as you see fit)
about 1 cup frozen corn
about 1 cup frozen mixed veggies
about 1 cup frozen onion, celery, pepper mix
about a tbsp. parsely
about a tbsp. basil
about a tsp. garlic powder
salt & pepper to taste
about a cup of rice
Seasonings were eye-balled, so adjust as you see fit.
Cook it until rice is done. 
He put all of this in the Crockpot on low, overnight. 
It was amazing!!
We've been eating it all day. 
Today has been a kitchen cleaning day. One of my favorite little tricks is for cleaning the icky, sticky, hardened, and crusty splattered gunk off of the inside of my microwave. While I'm not 100% certain where I picked up this neat little trick, but I can almost guarantee you that it came from my mother.

Here's what I do:

1. I grab a bottle of Windex, and spray the inside.
2. I wet a dish towel and put it in the microwave.
3. I microwave it for a couple of minutes (beware, the towel will be hot b/c we just microwaved it!).
4. I open it up, take the towel out. Grab a clean dish towel or a paper towel and wipe the inside of the microwave out.  It comes cleans so easily!! 

Basically the steam from the towel softens it all up. As for the Windex I'm honestly not sure what it adds to the cleaning magic of it all or if it's more of my personal preference. Either way, it works like a charm! If it saves time and energy, I'm all for it. Hope that somebody finds this as useful and awesome as I do!