I spent a good hour of my Saturday afternoon making a very toddler friendly schedule!

Over the last few months, we've seen a huge change in our daughter's sleep schedule and subsequently her daily schedule.

With a little bit of Mommy-Daddy diligence, we are finally coming out of 
what I will affectionately call the "ridiculous nocturnal vampire baby stage".

What started (back when she was teething) with letting her stay up until 10pm to see her Daddy after her got home from work turned to 10:30, 11pm, soon it was midnight - and more recently we were struggling with 3am. She would then sleep until noon, have a very late nap, and the chaos continued. We are so very grateful to say that we have finally put a stop to the madness! She has been in bed and waking up at decent hours for a couple weeks now. It's wonderful! 

Now it's time for her to get on a real schedule through the day. We want something that will be flexible and practical for our family. Also, we want it to be something that she won't fight during the transition stage. If it's fun for her, it's easier for all of us! 

Back Story. 
If any of you know our daughter, you probably know that she has insane amounts of love for Phineas and Ferb! I mean, who wouldn't? They have the best days ever and do things like build elevators to the moon, or a roller coaster through Danville (their hometown). Amazing stuff. I'd love to see their bucket list. And lastly, they have a pet platypus named Perry, and he is a Secret Agent who fights evil. Oh yes, they're most definitely a cartoon. 

Back on track.
I give you the "Pirate, I know what we're going to do today!" schedule. A Phineas & Ferb themed schedule full of pictures so she can "read" her own to-do list. It might look a bit overwhelming at first glance; but I think she will LOVE it! 

Each little thing to do is listed on the green door. When she opens the little door, she sees one of her favorite characters doing that task. The first one is "Wake Up" and she will see Candace waking up in her bed. The next one is eat breakfast, and so on. It looks like a lot of stuff, but this includes a lot of five minute things, playtime, reading and relaxing, nap time, there really is quite a bit for a toddler to do!

I can't wait to see her face when she sees it.