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We are snowed in! I'm not sure what the weatherman predicted, but it wasn't the nearly ten inches of snow that we've ended up with!

This is our first real snow of the winter, and quite possibly our only big snow. Our area gets a pretty mild winter. So when we get snow a few things happen: school gets cancelled, the stores sell a lot of bread and milk, and sometimes we get snowed in.

When that happens we get some good, old-fashion quality time together. We do not get nearly enough of that. The girls and I spend plenty of time at home, but Mr. Incredible is not a homebody. He works so much, and always seems to be on the go, that time with him feels precious and fleeting. So if you ask me, I say bring on the snow day!

Our snow day, however, turned into several days! Several days without water. We've found ourselves melting down our snow to do simple things like wash our hands and dishes! Pirate and I keep thinking of when we read Little House in the Big Woods and they had to melt their snow for water. Of course, we have the blessing of modern appliances.

It's crazy how much snow it takes to melt down into a gallon of water! It's also crazy how many of the most basic things we do on a daily basis need running water! It's made us think we need a better plan in place for the next time we get a snow storm.

​Pirate loves the snow. It really makes me think she was meant

to live up north. She has built snow angels, snowmen, and even a small city with it's own little highway system. She's a hoot!

Tootsie Roll, on the other hand, is more like her mama. She loved it for about 45 seconds and was over it. Winter is just too cold and wet for her. Mr. Incredible had to bring her in and warm her up in front of the heater.

Unlike most of our neighbors, we were fortunate enough to not lose power, or even our WiFi. Even with that, close(d) quarters can wear on even the nicest of families. Quality time turns starts feeling smothering; sweet little voices that you love and cherish become a non-stop buzzing; the walls start closing in and it's too cold to escape.

OK, that's a slight exaggeration.

I don't know if your family is like mine, but when we're stuck inside for too long we can get a little antsy and notice every little annoying thing in the house. And that makes for some real fun! *eye roll*

Before we know it, a wave of crazy cabin fever hits the house. Someone makes one wrong comment, leaves one too many things on the floor, or throws a snowball in the house and Mama loses her mind. Things avalanche, we take no prisoners and we eat each other for dinner!

Another exaggeration? Let's hope so. I guess we'll find out at dinner time!

Surviving family time without eating each other shouldn't be so hard; and it's certainly not exclusive to snow storms. Sometimes you just feel smothered and over done and it's barely midday. Quality time is so important; it's a whole love language for some of us. Specifically, it seems to be Pirate's love language.

So here is a list of ideas for Surviving Family Time Without Eating Each Other.

1. Plan ahead! Come up with your own list of fun things that you can do. Base it around what's available to you, what kind of messes you are willing to deal with. If you already know you're okay with some crafts or a little bit of baking, then you can say yes to (or even suggest) something fun without having to overthink it! We tried our hand at making "Sugar Snow" from Little House in the Big Woods. I'll be the first to tell you that it didn't quite come out perfectly. Really, I'm pretty sure we burned it. It tasted wacky, but do you see how much fun Pirate is having?

Mr. Incredible and Tootsie Roll made biscuits from scratch. She was so sweet patting the dough. He said that these were his best, flakiest biscuits to date. I think Tootsie Roll has the magic touch.

Last spring, Pirate and I had some fun roasting marshmallows at our kitchen table. See that post HERE!

At night, the girls and I played with shadows on the wall.

You can read books, have contests, play board games, build pillow forts, have a blindfolded drawing contest, whatever you can think up! The sky is the limit. A wee bit of controlled mess, a whole lot of fun.

2. Invest in some time out. When everyone is in such close quarters it's important to designate some time apart. It's for the greater good. And that doesn't just go for this kids. It's important for the grown ups, too! By giving yourself and the other grownups some time out you get a chance to breathe. Breathing is important. Sit and relax, take a quick nap, get some space and read your bible. You'll be a better you, you'll make better decisions. It's amazing the difference of a few minutes can make.

3. Keep in mind that this snow storm is temporary. Enjoy the time together for what it is. We desperately need family time, and we got it. There isn't much you can do about the outside conditions, so you might as well relax. Make sure you and your family are safe and taken care of, and then remember this is for a short time. For me, keeping that in mind is a big part of surviving the crazy cabin fever. Remember that, much like in real life, the storm will pass. The snow will clear. The water will come back on. The ice will melt. And when it does, get out of the house!

And, who knows, there just might be a parade at the end ... if you survive without eating your family!

Have you been snowed in? Or do you live in warmer climate? What does family time look like for you? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment below!

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