A Precious Potty Moment

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our little Pirate makes us laugh! As we watch her grow and react to the the world around her, from her point of view and understanding, we are constantly amazed.
Pirate takes delight in caring for her stuffed animals and dolls (we call them all her "babies"). She will hold them, love on them, give them kisses and make them "go night night". From sharing her diapers to sharing her food with them, this little girl loves her babies. Part of her morning routine, before I will pick her up over the baby gate at the entrance to her room, she has to go get her sippy cup of water from the night before. Countless are the times she has come back carrying her bottle and an armful of babies. If she can get me to hold some for her, she generally goes back for more. 
No baby gets left behind!

What makes me think of my little girl with her babies? I'm glad you asked! I walked into the bathroom tonight and this is what I found: 

How sweet and precious of this little child to take her little bear to go potty! I just had to share this with you.

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