*Knock, Knock, Knock*

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pirate loves to hide. If there is a closet, a cabinet, a blanket, or a box, she will find a way to hide. It's her thing. This morning I heard knocking and banging coming from her room. 


Off I went to rescue my child from whatever terror laid in store for us. Maybe she had  trapped herself under her old pack-n-play. Maybe she climbed on top of her dresser and couldn't find a way down. Maybe it was worse.... Did zombies have my baby?  I've been told I have an overactive imagination, great thing for an overprotective mommy like myself.

"MAMA, HELP PLEASE!" The knocking and the banging continued. It only took me under 30 seconds to get to her. Knock, knock, knock. It came from her closet. I opened her door and there stood my two year old, smiling brightly, not even scared.

"Thanks, Mommmm! ... HIDE!"

She re-shut her door and started knocking on it again. Pirate's closet door, for some reason, is the only door in our home that she can't open. It's a little different than the other doorknobs and I think she has the least amount of practice with it. We're not worried, she'll get it. :)

Until then, I have a solution. I stole the idea off of either Pinterest or Etsy, but it was a bit more expensive than I was up for. At home, all it took was an elastic headband that came in a 6pk at the dollar store.

#1 Find an elastic headband.

#2 Fold it in half

#3 Hook it to one side of the door.

#4 Hook it to the other side

#5 Line it up so it covers up, and holds down, the  faceplate.

 All done! And it still closes securely.

Now Pirate can go back to hiding!

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  1. You have DIY pics! You're on your way to Pinterest posts, I can see! :)


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