We Tried Decaf: Five Cups Coffee!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

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We are not decaf drinkers here.
In fact, the last time I bought decaf coffee was years ago. And it wasn't for me. We had company over and we were trying to be considerate. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure decaf is super. But, can someone explain the goodness to me? I mean, sure. Coffee is coffee. And with enough cream and sugar, I suppose I could drink anything. (I don't really mean that!) But really.

Then, along came Five Cups Coffee.  It came to me in a magical Amazon Prime box. In case you don't know, "I offer free shipping" is a great pick-up line.

My thoughts were something like this: Um, it's decaf. But it's apparently special. I mean, it says so on the package, "The World Finest Coffee". (That's a direct quote.)

A roasting date of September-something was written on the back of the package, as well as some good coffee making directions. I didn't get a picture of that - oops.

Inside, whole beans! But we had no fear, the Magic Bullet was here. In a matter of seconds, we were ready to brew.

Y'all, this stuff is good. Mr. Incredible and I have had several cups over the last week. It's a really smooth cup of coffee, with a good taste. That's probably what stood out the most.

Why is this coffee different?
That's generally my first question. According to the packaging and their website, they use a gentle and chemical free decaffeination process called "Swiss Water". I had never heard of it before, but that's no biggie.

The great thing about this process? Apparently, you can drink more than 5 cups a day with no health risks. That's what they brag. Oh, and it's organic. So, yay for that! Oh, and it comes with a money back guarantee if you're not loving it. But, in all honesty, Mr. Incredible and I are actually loving it.

It's right here on Amazon, or you can go straight to their website! I'll link it here. I had the chance to buy this coffee at a discounted price, and jumped at it! But it did not come with any obligation to blog or comment about it, I did not have to name my firstborn after this coffee, I did not have to get a tattoo, and this is an affiliate post. This is just me telling you what's in my coffee cup! These are my actual thoughts and opinions!

I'll close with a half candid selfie of Mr. Incredible and myself feeding our coffee addiction on the way to church. And that's it! Go check out Five Cups Coffee. Don't forget to check us out at Caffeinated Melly on FB!

In the meantime, what's in your coffee cup? 
Is there an awesome coffee out there that we need to try?
Leave us a comment below! 


  1. What kind of health risks, out of curiosity? Not a decaf fan either, so I'm intrigued that you liked this one.

    1. I was surprised we liked it, too! Lol but it really was good!

      Thats such a good question, thanks for asking. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure, I need to go back to the website and check. 😀

      (From their site @ fivecupscoffee.com)⤵

      "DRINK 5 CUPS OF THE COFFEE WITHOUT ANY HEALTH RISK - Swiss Water® is a gentle, 100% chemical free process of coffee bean decaffeination which allows you to enjoy more than 5 cups of this amazing tasting coffee per day without any healthy risks caused by a drug also known as a coffeine."

      So there's that, I was trying to remember the big things they like to brag. 😀


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