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Monday, April 10, 2017

If you didn't know it, Friday was National Coffee Cake day!
You guys, they must've seen me a mile away. I jumped on this holiday like crazy woman! I got what I needed from the grocery store to make Homemade Raspberry Danish. I've had a love affair with Entenmann's danishes for as long as I can remember. And when Google dropped a copycat recipe in my lap, I could practically taste it. WE HAD TO MAKE IT. 

My original plan was to make it early Friday morning, so Pirate and Mr. Incredible could have some for breakfast before work and school. But, Tootsie Roll woke up sick, and this mama doesn't sleep well with a sick baby. Our fresh pastry for breakfast turned into a "Quick! Eat this! We gotta go!" as I handed her a chocolate muffin and cup of coffee.

For us, National Coffee Cake Day simply transformed into Coffee Cake Weekend! 

Okay, I know it's technically not a coffee cake - but always remember: nothing about this blog is, or ever will be, about being perfect! Just go with it! 😜 I'll link the recipe here.

Anything celebrated well should be documented well! Or so says, mama paparazzi! Here are some pics of us making and enjoying our weekend with our Homemade Raspberry Danish. 

Our National Coffee Cake Raspberry Danish Day Weekend

(top left) I felt so organized setting up all the ingredients first that I felt it needed to have its own picture. If this isn't already a life hack, it should be! 
(top right) It took me three tries to get that yeast going in the warm milk, finally I threw in some sugar. It didn't mention that in the recipe, but I made an executive decision and fed those little guys some sugar. It worked! 
(bottom left) My poor sick one year old, Tootsie Roll, woke up from her nap and needed to lend a helping hand. 
(bottom right) And here it is, in all its yumminess, our Homemade Raspberry Danish! And, that's it! Hope you enjoyed National Coffee Cake Day. 

Leave us a comment below, we'd love to hear from you! Do you get any Coffee Cake or Danish on Friday? What's your favorite sweet? 

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