Santa? You're EARLY!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's September. 
It is the ninth month of a twelve month year. 
Summer has just barely ended. 
Do you want to know what I'm seeing in the stores?! 

-- gasp! -- CHRISTMAS STUFF!!!

I have a pretty consistant routine each year, and it starts when I see Santa Claus waltz in front of the Macy's store at the end of the parade - He brings in the Christmas season! 
Last year, I really struggled to get into the Christmas spirit. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade came and went. I saw Santa but I felt more like the Grinch and the holidays - and almost everyone else - could shove it. In retrospect, I might have {definitely} needed to read my bible more and visit a tanning bed for some Vitamin D. 
I remember it already being December. I was sitting in McDonald's on my laptop sulking about all the Christmas decor that I couldn't have and the fact that we didn't have our own place to put a tree and over-decorate with tinsel and lights. We were still living with the in-laws at the time and had no idea that we were a week away from moving into our apartment! I'd like to quickly add that they were very kind and generous in letting us live with them. 

So there I was drinking my tenth refill of sweet tea and having my self-indulgent pity party when I saw this awesome Christmas video from T-Mobile on YouTube. Suddenly I got a grip, and OH MAN, I was ready for Christmas! In less than four minutes I had made a complete 180', I was joyful and excited. I wouldn't dare to actually give the credit to YouTube. I can only imagine that this is the part of the story where God decided that it was time to show my husband some kindness and snap me out of my slump. 

{I am thankful to God that He is so gracious and merciful and does not merely sit and wait on me to come to my senses on my own.}

Like I said in the beginning, it's only September.
The stores are ready for Christmas.
And this year:

It hit me Sunday night! It hit me hard and I was forced to make a new Pinterest board! I don't know if it's the weather, or if it's the fact that we're in our own apartment. Or maybe it's the fact that I've been introduced to Pinterest this year, (lol) but I can't wait to celebrate the birth of our Savior with my family. I can't wait to start traditions, watch our favorite Christmas movies, make an advent calendar, and so many other things to just enjoy our time together! 

My question for everyone is this: 
What is your favorite Christmas tradition, or what is a cool one that you've thought about starting?  

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  1. Hey there! Thank you for stopping by TheQuickJourney! I totally move into Christmas mode once the Fourth of July is over. I have to force myself to wait until after thanksgiving to shop!

    As far as homeschooling, I did some with my daughter last year, but I mainly waited until she turned four and was ready for public school preschool. :)


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