Smothered in Grace and Mercy

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I thought I'd take a picture of my wall today. Right now, I have this verse {1 Corinthians 15:58} written in big, bright "look-at-me!!" colors and hanging in our kitchen. 

Every so often, the only nice word I can think of to describe my days is "flustering". Yes, that's the word I chose; it seems most accurate. I find myself just falling short, and losing a Godly perspective on things often.
Thank you, Baby Blues!
I'm a wife and a mom. Messes and chaos are a part of life. I'll clean, only to find Little Bit dumping something out onto the floor like she's a two year old. (She is a two year old!) The dishes pile up and wait for me in the sink. And I can't find my toothbrush. That's life. Sometimes though it can feel so unending, and my efforts fruitless and futile.

I usually {always.} find that I adopt the worst attitude and get quickly overwhelmed and flustered when I have put my priorities in a blender and hit puree.  

How quickly I forget that what I'm doing here in my home, as a wife and mom, has more value than the immediate. My family and our home were gifted to me by God - and what a blessing they are! My taking care of my family is my act of obedience to the Lord; I'm ultimately working for Him. And, thank God, He says it's not in vain!! If I'm only mopping my floor for the sake of it being shiny, I'll gladly throw the mop away now because I know someone will walk on it before it's dried!

It comes as no shock to me that when I'm not in the bible, and dependent on God to smother me in His grace and mercies daily, that my world turns into complete bedlam. {In the end, it's okay.} It's usually not nearly the chaotic household apocalypse that I think it is once I get a grip, have some coffee, read my bible, and regroup. I wipe up the floor, often with a little girl's help. I find my toothbrush, usually in Elmo's mouth, and I play never-ending hide-and-seek with a crazy munchkin. Smothered in grace and mercy... it's not a bad thing!

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